Role of District Co-ordination Committee in Nepalese Federalism


  • Associate Prof. Girdhari Dahal, PhD


Administrative structure, district coordination committee, service delivery, prosperity, local government


The main objective of this paper is to explore the significance of role of District Co-ordination Committee in Nepalese Federalism. The paper seeks to identify and critically analyze the role of district Co-ordination committee. This study makes a brief description and analysis of the role of District Co-ordination Committee in Nepal. It is a descriptive and analytical paper. The present Constitution of Nepal has added two new tiers in ruling structure of the country. They are province and local levels. Province government is completely new in Nepalese history. Local level has been in existence long before now as an administrative unit but this is a new practice as constitutionally recognized unit. In this new restructuring and distribution of power, duties and responsibilities,  District Development Committee (DDC) in the previous system is removed, the administrative unit is removed, the role of District Administrative Office is also minimized to maintaining peace, security and acting as a representative of the federal government and in their places there is a new mechanism, created constitutionally - District Co-ordination Committee to undertake coordination between the rural municipalities and Municipalities within the district. DCC also monitors development and construction works to make a balance of such works. District Co-ordination Committee carries out coordination between the Federal and the State Government offices and rural municipalities and Municipalities in the district.

Author Biography

Associate Prof. Girdhari Dahal, PhD

Political Science, T.U. Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, Nepal



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