The Phenomenon of Almajiri System of Education in Northern Nigeria


  • David Lawson Gbigbidje DESOMATECH


Northern Nigeria, Almajiri Educational System, National Security and Violent Extremism


The practice of Almajirinci as “street begging” often done by children in the name of seeking Islamic education has featured prominently in discussions, particularly in the north of the country. It has been a subject of great concern to the authorities. Almajiri system of education started from time immemorial in the Northern Region of Nigeria. The rumpled street children, mostly young boys between the ages of three and twelve, have become a terrible blight in Nigeria. The study adopts the qualitative research model using a phenomenological case study approach. This paper seeks to examine how the process started; the various dimensions the system took overtime and how government came in to rescue the deteriorating state of the system by integrating the system with the modern system, thereby making the beneficiaries (Almajirai) learn both the Almajiri education and the modern educational system simultaneously. In the end, the paper offers suggestions as to how the system could be improved so as to meet the standard set by National Policy on Education and subsequently attain Education for All (EFA).



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