The Response of the Church to Abortion: A Socio-Religious Inquiry


  • Ekenedilichukwu Okolo
  • Divine Maduka Abalogu Ph.D.


Response, Church , Abortion, Religious, Inquiry


Discussions on abortion are aged long issue which have gotten divergent responses from scholars according to their personal views. Despite these contributions for and against abortion, the rate seems to still be on the increase especially among the adolescents and as such it demands the attention and the voice of the church as a watchdog and conscience of the society. In an attempt to write this article, the authors make use of qualitative and quantitative research method. The paper finds that abortion has been an aged long issue which has always been practiced within the society. It goes further to observe that there are unethical teachings that are supporting abortion which have made it to continue unabated. The paper concludes that abortion is wrong and should be discouraged, unless in the case of a critical condition in which it is the last resort to saving the life of the mother.

Author Biography

Divine Maduka Abalogu Ph.D.

Department of Religion and Human Relations, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Anambra State





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Okolo, E., & Abalogu, D. M. (2021). The Response of the Church to Abortion: A Socio-Religious Inquiry . International Scholars Journal of Arts and Social Science Research, 4(1), 362–371. Retrieved from



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