Article Publishing Charges (APCs)

International Scholars Journal of Arts and Social Science Research publishes open access articles whose publication is funded by Article Publishing Charges (APCs) paid by authors, their institution or funding bodies. The price for the journal Article Processing Charge is as stated below:

APC: $150 USD

$65 USD for authors living in low-income Countries

We aim to publish articles as quickly as possible, subject to appropriate quality controls and make them immediately and freely available upon publication for access.  

Article Publishing Charge (APC) Refund Policy

The publisher does not refund article publishing charge already paid upon retraction or withdrawal of an article by its author. The APC paid by an author is a non-refundable fee.

However, Article Publishing Charge (APC) will be refunded where an author had made upfront payment for an article but the article is rejected by the journal on quality grounds.

Upfront Payment of Article Publishing Charge (APC)

Upfront Payment means paying your article processing charge at the point of submission. International Scholars Journal of Arts and Social Science Research normally informs authors to pay their Article Publishing Charge when their articles have been accepted. But you need not wait for this information. Authors are encouraged to make upfront payment of their article publishing charge immediately after submitting their article. By making funding available through upfront payment of APC, the author speeds up the processing of his or her article for publication. Priority attention is usually given to the processing of manuscripts whose Article Publishing Charges (APCs) are available on time. If the journal rejects a manuscript after the author has made an upfront payment, the money paid by the author is refunded.


Method 1. Pay through MoneyGram or Western Union Money Transfer. For this option you have to contact us for further payment instruction.

Method 2. Pay Online using Credit/Debit Card


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