Scholarly Research is the imprint of Global Scientific Publications. Global Scientific Publications also publishes textbook for teaching and learning. As indicated in its name, Global Scientific Publications is an international research publisher. It was incorporated in Nigeria in the year 2020 to disseminate research from Africa and from other countries of the world as a way of promoting scholarship and advancing knowledge. Global Scientific Publications also undertakes academic focused film production aimed at public enlightenment and entertainment as its corporate social responsibility.

All journals previously published by Multimeans Media International have been acquired by Global Scientific Publications. And more journals tailored towards innovation and development have been launched.

Global Scientific Publications ensures timely publication of articles. It charges very low Article Processing Fee since its objective is to promote scholarship and advance knowledge by encouraging research. So researchers who do not have funding, especially those based in developing countries will have opportunity of sharing their research with their colleagues globally without financial limitations. The publisher can be contacted via its official e-mail anytime of the week.