Multimeans Media International

We are a fast growing media enterprise. With our 24/7 online presence we are there where you are.

The enterprise provides worldclass printing services, publishing services, film/music production services and research services. We also undertake general contracts within the global media industry. If you have got a printing project, a book to publish, a scholarly journal to publish or a stunning website to design, you've got the need for Multimeans Media International.

Our smart approach
  • We take contract online via e-mail.
  • We deliver on or before deadlines.
  • We match your project with your pocket.

Get Best Services

Radio Drama

Either for public enlightenment or entertaimnent radio drama, Mmi can create the content for you.

TV Seriees & Movies

Multimeans Media International renders wonderful TV series production services. We also provide a platform for persons interested in film acting to build and showcase their acting skills.


We have a team of experts who will discuss your documentary ideas with you and bring them to life within the shortest possible time.


Contact us for a discussion of your media projects and research. We can finetune your plans and assist you to achieve great results.


Book printing,political campaign posters, programme of events/brochures, flyers, banners etc.

Publishing Services

Multimeans Media International is an international publusher of scholarly research, novels and textbooks for teaching and learning..

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We are always available to reply to your requests and inquiries. If you or your organisation needs any of the services we offer, you can contact the general office by clicking on contact us and then filling in the form.